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Gauge pressure measurement in the aerator line of an aeration basin

Application Note | Water & Wastewater

  • Reliable detection of the contamination degree of aeration elements
  • Determination of cleaning intervals based on overpressure threshold values
  • Robust, drift-free pressure transmitter for monitoring oxygen supply and aerator performance
  • Timely removal of deposits without maintenance-related basin drainage

Advanced flow measurement on mobile test separators

Application Note | Oil & Gas

  • Increased well testing performance using ultrasonic and Coriolis flowmeters
  • Accurate and reliable data on gas, oil and water flow rates
  • Enhanced diagnostics for information on liquid carry-over and gas carry-under
  • Replacement of orifice meters: maintenance-free flow measurement over a wide dynamic range

Differential pressure measurement for an ultra-high-pressure application in an oxo plant

Application Note | Chemical

  • Upgraded high-pressure orifice measurement for aldehyde production
  • Retrofitting the entire measurement setup enhanced plant safety and availability
  • Hydrogen-ready PN700 (~10000 psi) measuring cell in weight- and space-saving design

Fiscal metering of a dry natural gas mixture

Applictation Note | Oil & Gas

  • AGA9-compliant metering skids for billing of gas supplied to a processing facility
  • Full scope of software and hardware supply with ultrasonic CT flowmeters, analyzer house with chromatographs, analyzer management system, flow computers, etc.
  • All from one source incl. engineering, testing, commissioning and training services

Enhanced energy measurement for a facility heating and cooling system

Application Report | Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  • Carbon-friendly air conditioning concept for office and manufacturing buildings
  • Energy savings through continuous monitoring and optimisation of energy and heat flows
  • Dedicated energy measurement setup consisting of flowmeters with paired temperature sensors and energy calculators

Process instrumentation for a nuclear waste treatment plant

Application Report | Nuclear

  • Safe and sustainable treatment of nuclear liquid waste from Mo-99 radiopharmaceutical production
  • Instrument supply for flow, level, pressure, and temperature measurement
  • Including radioactive waste measurement, hot cell pressure control and chemical dosing
  • Supplies of instruments for nuclear and non-nuclear environments

Flow measurement of flotation air for roughers

Application Note | Minerals & Mining

  • Reliable control of agitation air supply for separation of PGM and gold ores in flotation cells
  • Variable area flow measurement of air consumption enables energy-efficient froth flotation
  • Cost-effective replacement of calorimetric sensors provides fast return on investment

Flow measurement of superheated steam for an absorption chiller

Application Note | Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  • Energy efficient use of excess heat from cogeneration to drive a chiller
  • Integrated measurement of flow rate, pressure, temperature and energy in one device
  • Accurate monitoring of thermal energy consumption at changing process conditions

Heat metering at a transfer station of a district heating pipeline

Application Report | Power Generation

  • Process instrumentation for the sustainable use of thermal energy from a waste-to-energy plant
  • Monitoring of flow, pressure and temperature in an energy transfer station
  • Complete solution from a single source for accurate billing of heat in accordance with MI-004, Class 1

Hydrostatic level measurement of buffer tanks in a brewery

Application Report | Food & Beverage

  • Reliable monitoring of brewed beer inventory prior to bottling
  • Electronic differential pressure measurement on up to 17 m / 56 ft high cylindroconical stainless steel tanks
  • Use of hygienic differential pressure transmitters without capillary tubing

Flow measurement of LPG for dispensers

Application Note | Oil & Gas

  • Accurately billing LPG in dispenser systems for vehicular gas
  • Equipping 700 LPG dispensers with Coriolis mass flowmeters
  • Flow measurement unaffected by temperature fluctuations

Flow measurement for wellhead oil and water allocation

Application Note | Oil & Gas

  • Monitoring of reservoir performance at a legacy oil field
  • Flow measurement of water and crude oil discharged by three-phase separators
  • Detailed results on wellhead allocation for process control

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