Turbidity sensors and measuring systems

For optical turbidity measurement

  • Different sensor designs for immersion and insertion or as compact system with integrated electronics and flow cell
  • Scattered light technology according to EPA 180.1 or ISO 7027 (NIR-LED)
  • For water and wastewater applications in all various industries
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Water analysis panel

Multi-parameter measuring system for water quality monitoring

  • Flexibility in selecting different water parameters: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH/ORP
  • Installation on compact analytical modules: All measuring points at one location
  • Completely pre-wired and pre-assembled for easy bypass installation


Optical turbidity sensor for water and wastewater applications

  • For use with analytical transmitter
  • For immersion or insertion
  • 0…4/40/400 NTU/FNU; Max. +50°C / +122°F; 6 bar / 87 psi
  • 90° scattered light (NIR-LED) measurement acc. to ISO 7027


Optical turbidity measuring system for potable water applications

  • 4-wire, 4…20 mA, 2 alarm relays or Modbus via RS485; built-in data logger
  • For online bypass installation
  • 0…100/1000 NTU/FNU; max. +50°C / +122°F; 7 bar / 101 psi
  • 90° scattered infrared light (ISO 7027) or white light (US EPA 180.1)